NAWF Co Inc.

Can provide many customized services to meet your unique specifications. Our success comes from creating one satisfied customer at a time.

Products Handled:

  • Dry and Bulk foods.
  • Ingredients.
  • Plastic Pellets and Resins.
  • Medical Supplies.
  • Home Health Care.
  • Industrial Supplies.
  • Overseas Crates.
  • Paper.
  • Computers and Electronics.
  • Sporting Goods.
  • Roll Stock.
  • Drums.
  • Super Sacks.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Corrugated Materials.
  • General Merchandise.



Distribution Highlights

  • Food Grade Sanitation Program (A.I.B. “Superior Rating”).

  • Flex Space for Short-term Projects and Seasonal Buildup.

  • Overseas Container & Rail Car Break Bulk.

  • Fulfillment (Club-Pack, Pick-Pack, & Special Projects).

  • FIFO and Date Code Product Rotation.

  • Computerized Inventory Control and Order Processing.

  • Special Labeling and Bar Coding.

  • Product Inspection.

  • Boxing, Crating, and Custom Pallets.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory.

  • Transportation Consulting Services.

  • Reverse Logistics and Return Goods Management.

  • Specialized Equipment (Clamp and Push Pull Forklifts).